The six heats - Men’s Longboard, Men’s Shortboard ,Women’s Longboard, Women’s Shortboard, Mixed Under 16 and Less Than 2 Years Experience. The prize pool is 42,000RMB,US$7,000 and for the four place getters in each heat merchandise packs by the event sponsors.

Competition will be fierce this year with Brazilian longboarder Chloe M. Calmon retuning to defend her 2015 Women’s Longboard Champion title probably challenging China’s Monica Guo in the final.

Local men’s champion longboard rider Huang Wei may compete against the English longboard professional Sam Bleakley.

Rory MacDonald, a long time competitor, will challenge in the Men’s Shortboard heat and will no doubt pressure the Chinese international team members and other finalists.

Competitors in the Beginner Heats are showing great promise and will showcase their newly acquired and well practiced skills.

The 9th annual Jalenboo Surfing Hainan Open returns to Riyue Bay

The 9th annual Jalenboo Surfing Hainan Open will be staged from Friday 18 through Sunday 20 November 2016 at Riyue Bay, Hainan.China

The Jalenboo Surfing Hainan Open, celebrating it’s ninth anniversary , is the most significant event on the China surfing circuit.

 Supported by the Chinese and international surfing community the Jalenboo Surfing Hainan Open has done much to promote the surfing sport  and encourage the local Chinese surfers to strive for excellence.

As the most influential surf competition in China the Jalenboo Surfing Hainan Open is a great social occasion for local and visiting surfers to get together and renew acquaintances.

Spectators and visitors will be treated to a visual spectacle as competitors show their considerable skills in the Riyue Bay waves and are welcome to join the associated social activities.

The Hainan Surfing Association through the Surfing Hainan Open encourages locals to “get into surfing”and hopefully will cultivate a champion or two along the way.

This year’s event is supported by Shenzhen Surfing Association, Qingdao Surfing League, Fuzhou Surfing Association, the Chinese International Surf Team and all surf clubs in China.

With surfing being a recognized sport for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics events like the Surfing Hainan Open will attract greater attention as surfers begin to jockey for Chinese Olympic Team selection.

The creator of the Surfing Hainan Open Brendan Sheridan said“It's crazy to think that the Surfing Hainan Open is now in it's ninth year. So much has changed since the first competition. Surfing in Hainan, and all of China, has grown so much. I'm proud to have this competition as a way of measuring how much surfing in China has progressed.”

China’s first longboard Champion in China Tz said:”I have competed in the Surfing Hainan Open for the past eight years. This event has given me great opportunities, experience and improved my technique considerably. I have made many fiends through the Surfing Hainan Open and I look forward ever year to spending time in the water with them and sharing time at associated social activities.”

Well known Judge Aganas Wang from Taiwan will conduct a Briefing Forum at 7pm on Thursday 18 November at the Chonghai Surf Club to explain competition rules, priority and basic information covering all aspects and expected standards.

Surfing has and always will be about friendship. On Saturday night the Break Point Café will host a pool party for all competitors and their friends providing an opportunity for everybody to relax, socialise and renew friendships old and new.

Activities associated with the Jalenboo Surfing Hainan Open include a Beachmarket and a mini skateboard ramp specially constructed on the beach. On Saturday the Sanya Cricket Club will play an exhibition match on the beach.
Jalenboo is the new branding of Surfing Hainan the first surf shop in China. We now have surf shops located at Riyue Bay, Moon Bay and Clear Water Bay, Hainan.
Jalenboo  means “keep surfing”

Nov 18th: 15:00-21:00 Registration at Chonghai Surf Club
         19:00-19:30 Briefing Forum
Nov 19th: 08:00-08:30 opening ceremony
08:30-17:30 Competition Day one
         19:00-24:00 Pool (Neon) Party at Break Point Cafe
Nov 20th 09:30-14:00 Competition Day 2
        14:30-15:00 Awards Giving
For any queries about the event please contact us via
Email: [email protected]  or
Tel: 0086 158 1852 6409 (Wechat) Blair Li
2016 Surfing Hainan Open trailer
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As time goes by, this is already the 9th year of the competition, I'm sure it's left great memories for all the surfersand people each year.
We as the organizer has also evolved otherthe years --- From Surfing Hainan, to Riyue Bay Surf Club and now its currentname Jalenboo, we hope that it'll always be the place where all the Chinese surfers and foreigner surfer friends gather each year.
As follows is a competition video , doesn't that make you want to jump in the water already? who also wants to register forthe 2016 competition of Hainan Open?!.

   对于每年组织这场赛事的我们---从最早的冲浪海南,到后来的日月湾冲浪俱乐部,到现在的“戒浪.不” 来说,仍然希望它能够永远是中国冲浪人以及来中国冲浪的朋友们一年一度的浪人大聚会。